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General Lab & Cleanroom Supply has been serving Southern California customers for over two decades. We provide laboratory and cleanroom equipment, products, and supplies for the scientific and insturial community. randed products warehoused in our facility and distributed to our customers same day or early next day from any one of our fleet delivery vehicles. What makes us a better choice given the various options available? It’s not what we deliver and service, it’s how we deliver and service. General Lab & Cleanroom Supply operates on an On-Demand “Global pricing” platform. We think of it as a step beyond JIT and given our mean customer retention exceeds 10 years; we know it out performs centralized distribution models and have the customers to testify to it. It’s proven to be the most efficient, low cost, risk minimizing sourcing methodology for our customer’s product/budget requirements.

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Progressive render

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Progressive render

2328 Teller Rd.
Newbury Park, CA 91320